A guide to color care


A comprehensive guide to lasting color and keeping your tub clean :]

  1. Always wash/rinse hair with cool water

  2. Use color safe shampoo/conditioner/cleansing creams

  3. Wash hair less, 2-3 times(or less!) a week is best. You should at most be washing you hair 3 times a week. If your hair gets oily quickly, thus you you wash it often, it’s because you're stripping your hair of its natural oils and your body is trying to make up for it at a rapid rate. The less you wash the slower you hair will produce oil.

  4. Start by washing your hair w/ just water (cold)- scrub your scalp as if there’s shampoo, water is a natural surfactant, it will cleanse the hair. Always condition ends any time hair gets wet.

  5. Implement a dry shampoo into your routine. I’m addicted to dry shampoo. Not only does it rid the oily look in your hair, it gives incredible volume! With temporary hair color, dry shampoo will be your new best friend.

  6. Use a deep conditioning hair masque once-twice a week and protein sprays. These will coat and seal the cuticle of your hair, further preventing the pigment from leaving the hair, especially in the case of color transferring onto clothes and linens.

  7. Once you’re done with your shower, ring out excess water in hair down the drain and immediately wrap hair in a dark towel.

  8. Use dark towels/ linens

  9. Treat stained white fabric with bleach and colors with Oxyclean

  10. Temporary hair color will stain your shower/tub when you wash, even the colorful sudds stain when flicked on the walls and shower curtain so be careful when washing, shampoo should be concentrated at the scalp, rinse by tilting head downward pointing towards the drain.

  11. Try washing your hair in the sink to avoid staining the tub all together.

  12. If you have a detachable shower head, I find this to be the most efficient way to wash and keep the color in a confined area of the tub to avoid excessive messiness. If not try a plastic pitcher or large cup. This is a great way to use cold water but still keep the shower running hot ;]

  13. Your shower curtain should be plastic/vinyl, the fabric kind will stain.

  14. Spray down your shower with a bleach water solution after each shower, it shouldn't take very long until pigment is gone.

  15. Using a spray bottle, create a bleach solution, 1 part bleach-4 parts water. Spray down your tub and any stained areas of the bathroom. Let is sit for a small amount of time until you notice the color is gone, then rinse/wipe down your shower/sink. if there is still a shadow of color repeat the step. Each time I do this it works like a charm ;]


Recommended products:

  • Dry shampoo

  • Deep conditioning masques

*Ask me about recommended shampoo/conditioner for your hair type and custom made color treated conditioner

I know, this seems like a lot, but trust me, it’s not as obtrusive as it sounds. I have very oily skin and hair and I have found a way to wash my hair with shampoo only once a week. Like I mentioned, dry shampoo is my life and I manage to avoid messes by managing the way I wash. Any change in hair color or style comes with a new set of tips and tricks for your hair routine :]


For any questions, please email me at: elizabethrosehair@gmail.com